Medication Management

May 3, 2022

Written By Steve Clute

Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

Medication administration is modifiable as needed, based on routine or emergency administration. The route of administration: oral, inhaled, topical, rectal, intravenous, pumps, gastrostomy-tube, intramuscular, subcutaneous, the nurse can easily amend ear and eye as needed to manage the client-patient perfectly.

HealtheFirst enables the school healthcare provider to be compliant with all requirements for Med Administration. Without fear of errors or omissions. The requirement are:

  • Right Student
  • Right Time
  • Right Medicine
  • Right Dose
  • Right Route
  • Right Documentation

The solution will assist those who are administering medication to remember and clarify the critical elements of the process. It will also track and document all interactions to assure compliance and proof of facts to avoid liability using real time documentation.

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