Billing & Receivables in Healthcare

March 29, 2022

Written By Steve Clute

Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

When it is time to take care of your revenues and profits, HealtheFirst for Billing and Receivables delivers efficient, adaptable, timely billing and auditable tracking for all completed services, in any location. All forms of billing are available with  direct client billing and payment through our Stripe integration to Payer reimbursement and finally through all of the conventional payment portals we can get the job done.

With best-in-class process management technology, HealtheFirst handles payments and collections with the greatest amount of ease. You can stop your current madness and change to a lower cost and easier to manage solution.  

Your company’s investment in HealtheFirst for Billing and Receivables will within a brief period pay off in greater efficiency and trackable performance.

Be on top of all services for which payment is required with the technology’s easy and adaptable payment portal submission or self-pay services.


  • HealtheFirst for Billing and Receivables provides efficient handling of collections on unpaid accounts
  • HealtheFirst enables efficient in-house response to audit requests
  • Use data and reports as performance indicators for
  • Potential areas of improvement
  • HealtheFirst answers billing questions quickly
  • HealtheFirst manages the agency’s accounts receivable reports
  • HealtheFirst tracks individual client revenue real time on their individual profile 


HealtheFirst allows your company to accept Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, facilitates adherence to 42 CFR 484 requirements, and allows healthcare providers to track services on either a long-term or intermittent basis.

Services Managed

  • Skilled nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Social worker services

With HealtheFirst Billing and Receivables for Home Care, the home-based health care providers can negotiate contracts with the need for private pay. 

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