Utilization Management

designed for you.

An all-in-one care platform customized for your specific needs – your workflows, your care model, your nomenclature.  Everything is digitized, accessible everywhere, and made easy, just for you.

Meet “Administrator Audrey”

Audrey oversees her team of case managers as the day shift administrator.  She assigns resources to follow up on all of the open cases, completes utilization reviews, and audits the overall performance of her team.

Audrey has tailored HealtheFirst to perfectly meet her team’s needs

Administrators have full access to customize the workflows, call scripts, nomenclature, and so much more – at no extra cost.  And our team will be here to support you the entire time.


Reports and metrics are always at Audrey’s  fingertips

With access to a robust reporting library, plus the ability to add custom reports, administrators can always find the information they need to make sure their team is successful.

Audrey is focused on job #1, effortlessly overseeing her department

With easy access to view, filter, and sort open encounters, administrators can assign follow ups in bulk, so they can take action efficiently.


Meet “UR Case Manager Cassie”

Cassie is a night-shift UR case manager, who is responsbile for tracking and guiding patient care.  She spends most of her day on the phone with healthcare professionals and uses HealtheFirst to make sure she’s asking all of the right questions and recording complete records for her patients.

Case Management Screenshots

Cassie is turbo charged, and records cases in under 5 minutes

Make your case managers lives easier in a snap. From new encounters to scheduled follow ups to patient histories, we make it easy, accessible, and fast.

Cassie is set up for success

With color-coded encounter types, autocomplete fields, direct access to the patient journey, and more, your case managers will be able to authorize encounters quickly and accurately.

Case Management Screenshots

Browse our set of features

Easy to use, built for you, and always improving

HIPAA Compliant

We’ve made securing patient information our top priority so you can stay focused on providing care.

Adaptable & Scalable

No two organizations are the same, so why work with a solution that treats them that way? Discover a platform that adapts to your needs.



Your workflow is centered around the patient, with always-available insights into their history.

Real-time Insights

You’ll be able to search, filter, and build custom reports based on the information you want to see.

Granular Permissions

Ensure that staff have access to what they need, while keeping responsibilities clearly defined.

Automatic 278 Creation

278s will be automatically generated and shared with your billing department for processing.

Ready made integrations

We’ll get your data where it needs to be



Your System

Implementation Made Easy

We’ll be by your side every step of the way

White Glove Service

We will have account management and engineering leadership on every implementation call to ensure that your rollout goes smoothly.


Custom Forms, Call Scripts, & Encounter Types

We love the unique way you do business and we’ve designed HealtheFirst to adapt to your needs.

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Easily integrate data with your current systems, with services such as enrollment synchronization, 278 generation, and InterQual custom fields.

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