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powered by you.

An all-in-one care platform customized for your specific needs – your workflows, your forms, your nomenclature.  Everything is digitized, accessible everywhere, and made easy, just for you.

Meet “Administrator Amy”

Amy is a hands-on home care agency owner who is navigating changing regulations, learning about the new care trends, and figuring out how to continue her business’s growth.  She uses HealtheFirst to craft the perfect experience for her staff and clients, so she can focus on the insights she gains from the system to making her life easier and more efficient.

Case Management Screenshots

Amy has quick access to her business’s vitals

  • Dashboard with color-coded alerts
  • Easy to read reports
  • Secure messaging at her fingertips
  • Real-time unit tracking

Amy’s experience is tailored to her business

  • Custom workflows, care plans, and forms
  • Custom reports, plus a report builder
  • Permissions, branding, and nomenclature all built for you at no extra cost.

When an audit comes, Amy is ready

  • Full patient history
  • Quick, filtered service export


Meet “Caregiver Carla”

Carla works for Amy as part of her agency’s care team.  She is a warm, empathetic caregiver who genuinely cares for hier clients, and they love working with her.  HealtheFirst guides Carla through the scheduling and documentation, so she can focus on caring for her clients.

Carla is on the go, and so are we

  • Staff can easily view their schedule, get directions, check in, and chart their actions.
  • Familiar forms at her fingertips

Carla feels connected to the entire care team

  • Access to full patient history
  • Secure chat with staff, patients, and family
  • Personalized care plans

Browse our set of features

Easy to use, built for you, and always improving

HIPAA Compliant

We’ve made securing patient information our top priority so you can stay focused on providing care.

Smart Scheduling

Match the right resource with the right opportunity based on skill, location, and availability.

Electronic Visit Verification

Ensure compliance by automatically recording timestamp and GPS coordinates as staff check into and out of visits.

Dashboard + Insights

Utilize the canned reports for your home care agency or easily search and save your own.

Billing & Payroll

Utilize your own clearinghouse or generate invoices directly from HealtheFirst.

Family Portal

Patients and their families can log in to their own portal for scheduling and charting.

Trusted by Top Performing Agencies

Real life “Amys” and “Carlas” love HealtheFirst

Kevin Whatcott

Agency Owner

“We needed a solution that was easy to implement, required little training, was reasonably priced and had a team that would work with us through every needed change and unexpected challenge. This program is everything and more than I expected. Our company has grown exponentially as a result of this and the ROI has been fantastic.”

Suzy Covey

Director of Case Management and Nursing

“Working with HealtheFirst has been excellent. The implementation and training  were easy and the team was so willing to help and in such a timely manner.”

Krissie Summerhays

Executive Director

“HealtheFirst is an amazing business solution for case management! Its user interface is amazingly simple, and it has everything needed from scheduling to audit reports. I highly recommend HealtheFirst for a case management company to be very successful.”

Implementation Made Easy

We’ll be by your side every step of the way

White Glove Service

We will have account management and engineering leadership on every implementation call to ensure that your rollout goes smoothly.


Custom Forms

We love the unique way you do business and we are here to help

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Easily integrate data into your current clearinghouse and payroll systems.

Simple Migration

Import your existing data into HealtheFirst in bulk.

Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Monthly rates start at $500, plus a “per patient” fee


First 50 Patients


Patients 51-300


Patients 301+