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Communication Matters

For most of his adult life, David recalls experiencing random bouts of a racing heart.  However, it wasn’t until his late forties did he discover that the irregular activity in his chest was actually atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm).  Although various treatment methods helped at first, his heart condition was never fully reversed. Because of this, David’s primary care physician explained that he could be at the risk of a stroke.  He was then placed on anticoagulants (blood thinners) in order to prevent the possibility of blood clots forming in his heart.  

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5 Ways to Improve Transitional Care

Managing a patient’s transition from one area of care to another, known as Transitional Care-Case Management is a critical feature of improving healthcare outcomes. The process aims to identify and overcome obstacles that may hinder successful transitions while working to fill in any gaps that would otherwise be seen in a patient’s care. The overarching goal is to provide a patient with an easy transition that’s not only efficient but also reduces costs by lowering rates of readmission.

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HIPAA and Healthcare, Will They Ever Get Along?

HIPAA is based on the concept of “Administrative Simplification,” or the pursuit of the most effective and efficient use of modern information technology. Handheld computers, the Internet, e-mail communication, and the use of personal computers enable users to store nearly limitless amounts of data, perform timely searches and reporting, and distribute large quantities of information to a wide audience in practically no time.

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