Incident Management

June 28, 2022

Written By Steve Clute

Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

Healthefirst provides breakthrough Incident Management solutions to take care of crisis moments when things occur that require swift, appropriate action and recording what was needed and done by all who are involved in the incident. This solution can be used in schools, offices, healthcare centers and many other places.

Delayed or undocumented responses in crisis events can increase the danger and risk to all involved parties. HealtheFirst for Incident Management and Reporting is best in class, providing an easy transition from older software versions to a system that details your company’s specific needs and features efficient and timely care processes and record of details to mitigate the risk of liability.


  • HealtheFirst for Incident Management and Reporting creates records of the person or persons involved as well as the property damaged or lost.  
  • Connects, communicates with, and identifies processes and people who need to understand and respond to situational needs. 
  • Incorporates the date and location of the incident, a description of the injuries sustained, and a brief factual account of how the incident occurred.
  • Provides a digital solution for Incident Management and Reporting, improving response time, efficiency, and outcomes documentation.
  • Gives all parties confidence in adding speed and efficiency to an experience that is otherwise traumatic.
  • Administrators, providers, and managers can customize the HealtheFirst digital incident report, performance requirements, and training materials to their requirements. 
  • The record of the incident can be created quickly and while one’s memory is clear and fresh and maintained as long as it is needed.
  • Additionally, details of the incident can be automatically shared with all relevant individuals including professionals and administrators who need to be notified.
  • All records are shared and maintained in a HIPAA secure environment throughout the process.   
  • Your company has the ability to use the virtual meeting feature to schedule and conduct meetings with all relevant personnel involved in the reporting process.

Timely and information-driven crisis management is the goal. The breakthrough HealtheFirst process management system provides value for those aiming for industry-leading results and minimal risk in their operations. Schedule a demo today!

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