Special Education Management

April 26, 2022

Written By Steve Clute

Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

The Problem

As expectations increase for implementation of individualized learning for all K-12 students, many schools are implementing a “case management” approach where multiple resources are coordinated to  support student success.  While tools exist to manage the documentation required for IEP (Individual Education Plan) reporting, there are very few user-friendly tools available to schedule, track, and report the myriad of services (mandated and non-mandated) provided to students. 

Timely communication for scheduled and delivered student services across multiple stakeholders is a key component  of an efficient and effective case management system.  Student services might include minor interactions such as scheduling a student “check in” meeting with a counselor, or more involved interventions and accommodations such as focused-tutoring, test reading, emotional counseling, medication distribution, or external professional service referrals.

Recognizing the need to reduce the professional staff spent scheduling, managing, and reporting specialized student educational support services, HealtheFirst has adapted its home healthcare tool for use in the K-12 education environment. 

Organizational Benefits

  • Reduce Administrative Time – Reduce professional time spent on administrative tasks related to scheduling and documenting specialized services.
  • Securely Manage Documents – Manage documents (IEP’s) and non-mandated learning plans  regulated by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ) and HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.).

Improve Stakeholder Communication

  • Effectively notify stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, service providers) of scheduled and completed services.
  • Provide access to integrated email, chat, and video communication and conferencing tools.
  • Build collaboration between all stakeholders in a fast -easy to use virtual environment.

Stakeholder Benefits

  • For Students – Notify and provide timely reminders for upcoming scheduled services.
  • For Parents  – Notify for scheduled and completed services, provide access to student learning plans, and provide capability to connect with learning coordinator and service providers via integrated tools (email, chat, video conferencing).
  • For Teachers – Create a one step “ticket process” to request a test reading accommodation for students and allow for the secure transfer of test to individuals who will be providing the test reading accommodation.
  • For School Nurses/Health Care Professionals – Create appointments and timely reminders and for administering scheduled student medications, tracking of completed medication administration, and integrated communication tools for communication with and requesting  additional  meds from parents.
  • For Service Providers – Provide access to a personal calendar of scheduled services for the upcoming day, week, month as well as the ability to connect with stakeholders and case management team members via integrated tools (email, chat, video conferencing).
  • For Learning Coordinators/Case Managers – Make available a simple, “2 click” search for available service providers, service scheduling, and tracking.
  • For School Administrators – Create and provide access to consolidated reports of services provided, time spent providing the service, ability to calculate investment, as well as track billing to services providers outside the school.


  • A user-friendly “service ticket” tool to schedule individualized student support services such as test reading, specialized tutoring, medication distribution, counselor meetings, etc.
  • Timely notifications to administrators, teachers, service providers, and students to track and report completion of the service.
  • A secure and accessible depository for student learning and accommodation plans meeting the highs standards of HIPAA compliance. Permissions can be managed based on roles (teacher, parent, service provider, student, etc.)
  • Simple data entry with manual and bulk import capability and customized report generation.
  • Integrated capacity to monitor billable services such as Medical Assistance funding or contracted support services.
  • Integrated email, chat, and video communication capability for teachers, service providers, parents, administrators, and students.

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HealtheFirst makes leading and learning more efficient and higher quality for everyone involved with the program. Learn more about how HealtheFirst can help your case management company, or reach out directly to speak with a representative.

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