Automating your workforce management processes reduces time spent on manually inputting data, eliminates the mistake of duplicate work, and makes it easier to efficiently communicate information to relevant people, like payroll and HR.

With a focus on positively impacting your administrative, labor, and operational costs. Using our HealtheFirst SaaS Platform will significantly lower the chances of human error, incorrect classification, and missed time tracking or payments regarding your team and their workday.


Everything You Need

Billing Codes and Time Entry

Billing codes are the focal point of your tracking and management of staff hours. Using custom fields, you’ll be able to set up and capture billing data the way you see fit. All time-based actions within our platform flow thru a unique billing rate that ties together your time and resource allocation. Features include default rates based on roles and activities, easy review, and audit trails.

Team Management and Review

Keeping your staff on track and up to date when you’re operating 24/7 can be a difficult task. We’ve organized our workforce management process so that maintaining accurate tracking and management of your workday is easy. Never fall behind with real-time reporting, team management, history of work, communication, notifications, and alerts to make sure you’re staying on top of your time. We tie it all together with a robust payroll engine.

Reporting and Efficiency

Capturing hours is important, but being able to generate and view reports is vital to a successful operation. With a single software capturing your staff records and data, you’ll be able to search, filter, and build custom reports based on the information you want to see. Easily view and/or export pertinent data for analytics, planning, payroll, billing/invoicing(optional) and audits.

Task Management (Optional)

Complete and accurate tracking and documentation of services is a unique feature set that we offer. Using HealtheFirst, you’ll be able to set up curated workflows specific to your process that will track thru the life of a service cycle. Capturing every level of interaction within services, including activities, notes, follow-ups, and plan management enhances your organizational efficiency. This includes automated documentation, custom task creation and workflows, tracking bars, color schemes, and summary-level data.

Our Story

How We Got Here

HealtheFirst was created as an effort to build a user-friendly platform to help automate case and project management which has since evolved into an adaptable facilitation tool to empower efficient and effective operations across a broad range of organizations and businesses. HealtheFirst was a collaborative project supported by healthcare, business, design, and technology professionals who shared the vision to help leaders and teams focus on what is truly important to successful outcomes.


Encounters Made Easy 

Complete and accurate tracking of encounters and cases is vital, which is why we’ve equipped HealtheFirst with all of the functionality you need to outline and capture data at every level of interaction. 

Put guardrails on the process by building custom forms to walk nurses through each step in the process, from documenting patient aliases and alert codes, to logging visit types and phone calls.  This ensures that all of the necessary data is recorded and reportable, while having it all tied to the appropriate authorization number and patient profile.


More Info

 Managing and paying employees correctly and on time boosts morale, and leads to better productivity, commitment, and loyalty. When you have a mismanaged staff who can’t rely on the systems and processes, you’ll be faced with increased turnover, bad company culture, and difficulty reaching company goals.

HealtheFirst takes those hard, time-consuming processes and automates them into a manner that fits your current process. We don’t want you pulling your hair out to fit our system, so we’ve made the system adaptable to seamlessly plug into your current process.


Run at 100% Efficiency

Keeping your shift workers on track and up to date when you’re operating 24/7 can be a difficult task. We’ve organized our encounter management process so that maintaining accurate tracking and delivery of encounters is easy.  Encounter follow-up times, straight-forward shift-change reports, unique “collision” alerts for open encounters, and so many more tools are waiting to help your team excel.

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