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May 24, 2022

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Written By Steve Clute

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The following are requirements for a great Portal or Virtual Scheduling and meeting utility. The following are available features within HealtheFirst

Basic flow

  1. Patient logs into the portal (they can create an account if they don’t already have one)
  2. Patient chooses a user or provider (optional, can have no preference) and activities that they want.  This will set the appointment duration and other requirements.
  3. Patient can then view a calendar displaying available time slots.
  4. Patient can click on the calendar to book.  No further action is required from anyone to confirm or approve the appointment. The following business rules will be available to control the scheduling behavior:
    1. How close to “now” can a patient book?
    2. How many days into the future can a patient book?
    3. How far ahead of time is a cancellation allowed?
    4. How many  appointments can be booked on the same day by the same patient?
  5. Patient will receive email notifications for the following events.
    1. Confirmation that their appointment was made successfully.  This notification will include a calendar invite/appointment that can be added to their personal calendar.
    2. Reminder that their appointment is coming up.  This will be sent 24 hours prior to their appointment.  (I don’t think we need to make the time a configurable option)
    3. If patient is allowed to reschedule, and they do so, they will receive a confirmation of the change that includes an updated calendar invite/appointment.
    4. If patient is allowed to cancel, and they do so, they will receive a confirmation of the cancellation.
  6. Stripe has been as the self-pay option.
    1. Allow admins to set activity pricing and reveal to patients.
    2. Provide option for payment select (private vs insurance)
    3. Admins will have the ability to include a before buffer and an after buffer time.  These appointments will be booked for the full time in the system (including buffers) and will calculate the non-buffered time to display to patients and include in notifications.
    4. Follow-up email will be sent that allows the patient to rate the service and includes recommended next steps (would you like to schedule this again?  Would you like to schedule x, y, z as a follow up?)
    5. Logically allow multiple activities to be scheduled in one appointment. Certain activities can be booked after certain other activities, with different user/equipment options, so there is some complexity for admin to determine here.

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