Managing Athletes

June 21, 2022

Written By Steve Clute

Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

High quality technology delivers through user interfaces that make it easy to implement business process management with the highest levels of efficiency.

Healthefirst for Athletic Management is a well-designed technology that, is efficient in design, and provides a low cost (time, resources, training) to launch this as a new enhancement or to transition from older technologies. With costs so minimal, Return on Investment (ROI) is above the market for trainers and schools.  This is all in addition to the mitigation of liability savings and escalation of athlete performance. 

HealtheFirst produces records and reporting access to track treatments, training, and outcomes as per individuals or by team – etc. that can be demonstrated.  This is a high value to coaches, trainers and managers who know the costs of frequent athletic injuries and the need to avoid them.

With significant loss and discomfort resulting from injuries and ailments, you can save a lot on direct medical or rehab expenses and time lost in play. Focusing on prevention and refining training protocols based on real time data, HealtheFirst targets maximizing the best preventive, performance development and recovery programs for both individuals and categories of athletes at the same time as programs can reduce costs, psychological stress, and risks related to healthcare and training decisions and direction.

Reduced Downtime

Healthfirst cuts downtime, helping trainers, coaches, and therapists to be active safely. The system enables best practices and outcomes by helping trainers and institutions to:

  • Get ahead of the curve: Use data to create and track recommendations and solutions for program success.
  • Easily record treatment processes, time, costs, recovery timelines, as well as immediate and long-term outcomes.
  • Add personalized medical care, with access to professionals who can review an athlete’s information for quality care.
  • Improve recovery and rehabilitation, taking advantage of Telehealth. Schedule and track via digital communication, audio, or video on a HIPAA secure system that focuses on safeguarding electronically protected health information (EPHI).


  • HealtheFirst shows trainers details such as the number and category of athletes, treatments, events covered, and more, delivering documented support of decision making.
  • Our Athletic Management Systems protects trainers and institutions from liability and litigation, as all interactions, evaluations, recommendations, and treatments are consistently and thoroughly documented. These provide evidence that the best possible care was provided.
  • The HealtheFirst system is adaptable to fit existing company processes and still offers a standardized and simple technology solution for training, sports medicine, and therapy professionals. You can deliver the best training and competitive environment possible to maximize the performance of your athletes and teams with consistency.

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