Lower Limb Care

April 5, 2022

Written By Steve Clute

Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

HealtheFirst invites you to the new interface of health care and community service. It’s a world where information, services and workflows are seamlessly provided, as needed, for patient care.

The HealtheFirst system is a unique business process management platform that is adaptable to existing company processes and specialized needs. That includes your company.

Our applications, built with simple yet efficient interfaces, allow users to treat the client’s current condition and meet daily needs at the touch of a screen. All the information needed for patient rehabilitation exists on one app and can be used regardless of tech skills.

Efficiency is married to affordability. HealtheFirst makes use of simple user interfaces that make it easy for companies to implement with a low cost of training or transition from older technologies. Costs are minimal. Accordingly, Return on Investment (ROI) is high.

Product Features:

  • Client information is HIPAA secure with HealtheFirst. It’s easy, dependable, and secure to access individual health data from anywhere at any time. Essential medical information is stored safely on the cloud and a few fingers taps away. 
  • Timely and relevant messaging and virtual meetings are provided through HealtheFirst. Caregivers can mark and track completed tasks in the platform to show progress made and, at the same time, are made accountable for their responsibilities. 
  • Time-critical information is recorded swiftly and made easily accessible for all users in a place where it can be cross-checked and proven.
  • Know what has been done already and what needs to be done ahead of time. Healthcare management has never been so easy.
  • Receive relevant educational material on quality care at the click of a button or tap of a finger. Educational prompts in the platform are a feature of HealtheFirst which differentiates it from traditional software.
  • Add reminders to do healthy, positive things like assessing your client’s mood, diet, and exercise. Tracking improves care and assists in understanding a client’s condition more completely. 
  • HealtheFirst allows you to create innovative workflows or use current ones, communicate, and delegate tasks to other caregivers and the professionals who are involved in patient care.  Better communication improves caregiver response and patient rehabilitation.
  • Customize the HealtheFirst experience. Add options for learning and developing skills.

With easy access to patient information and care needs, life-work balance finds a new meaning. With HealtheFirst, patient care service management is easy and resets the balance between caregiving and your personal life.

HealtheFirst produces the trackable outcomes that can be demonstrated.  For your company, measurable targets are achieved with greater efficiency, while delivering the best client outcomes.  Track results easily and use outcomes to support future planning. Contact us or schedule a demo today!

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